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Never in the history there has been a website dedicated to the users, by the users and for the users for comparing, commenting and cogitativing about remittance. Welcome to RemitSearch.Com, World's first remit plans comparison website. In this fast shrinking universe, expats are a special set of people who are in demand away from their place of birth on the basis of their skills and intelligence and they make a difference where they are. Our mission: to help this expat population connect back to their home lands. 

How to use this site:

1. Search for the currency pair you are trying to send money in the home page.

2. If you do not find the plan you are looking for, then you have the ability to add it yourself. All you need to do is to become a privileged user within RemitSearch.com. The system will prompt you to sign-up. Singing up takes a few seconds and we have a strict privacy policy, which you can read

    * To sign up as a privileged user, just click the link "Privileged users login" at the top right portion of the screen. In the login screen, at the bottom right, please follow the "Create an account" link.

    * Please enter your email id, password, confirm the password, screen name and the CAPTCHA phrase. You will get an email notification to the id you specified to verify your account. Once you validate your account, you can login.

3. As a privileged user, you can now create new institutions, new remit plans and new forums. An institution is your favorite provider who offers the remit plans. If you do not find your institution, then please use the "Add Institution" link on the top right, which will take you to the new Institution page. 

4. Once the institution is added, you are all set to enter the different remit plans. Please click on the Plan link on the top navigation bar. Enter the Name, Source currency code, destination currency code and Institution fields. If you are not sure on what to enter on the Valid From and Valid To, please enter today’s date and 31-Dec-9999 respectively. "Transfer business days" is the number of days it takes to transfer money through the plan. Commission is the fee charged by the institution. Redirect url is the web address where the details of the plan are available, preferably on the institution’s website.

5. Once the details are in, you can verify that the details are available correctly by searching from the home page for the currency pair you entered information for. You can give your rating for the plan, create forums and post comments.

6. Remitsearch.com relies on the power of social networking to provide accurate information. So please tell your friends and family to share their thoughts and experiences on this site.

If you need further assistance, please write to webmaster@remitsearch.com

Our road ahead:

We intend to stay connected with our users to determine the path ahead of us. We are starting new, all suggestions in making this journey a success are most welcome.

Remitsearch.com is owned and operated by Suja Software LLC, incorporated in Delaware, USA.

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